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The destination Indonesia at a glance: Information about hotels, tourism and attractions in Indonesia in Southeast Asia. Indonesia fascinates with a great variety of landscapes and a species-rich fauna. And dream beaches await tourists from all over the world on the coasts of the island state.

From rainforests to snow-capped mountains and volcanoes, numerous national parks to an incredible number of beaches by the sea, there is a lot to discover in the island state of Indonesia. And the fauna in Indonesia is also unique, because the national parks are home to rare wild animals as well as many species of birds and insects.

In addition, Indonesia has a lot to offer culturally, including an unbelievably large number of temples and temple complexes through to ethnic groups and tribes in remote regions of the country that are still extremely isolated from the outside world.

The number of foreign tourists in Indonesia has been increasing continuously for years, so that income from tourism has become an important economic factor for Indonesia. The island of Bali is particularly popular with foreign tourists, with around 4 million foreign visitors every year.

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