A Canadian yoga teacher in Bali promised his clients “orgasms through yoga”. Disrespectful, and that’s why the Canadian had to leave the Indonesian island of Bali.

Bali is by far the most popular holiday island in Indonesia. And Bali is not only popular with vacationers, but also with emigrants, digital nomads, bon vivants and other groups of people from all over the world. This also applies to yoga trainers who have settled here in paradise and send their yoga videos around the world via social media or paid subscriptions. No matter how beautiful Bali is and it may be a carefree life there: Everyone, including all foreign so-called influencers, yoga gurus and other self-promoters, must adhere to the applicable laws and rules as well as customs and traditions of Indonesia.

What seems to be quite easy to implement in theory is apparently a real problem for many. Just like the latest example of the Canadian shows. What may only be ridiculed in Canada is anything but well received in Indonesia. With all the ease in Bali, this island paradise is still an Indonesian island and Indonesia is simply a little more conservative than many western countries in many areas. But none of this is really a big deal. You just have to deal a little more intensively with the country, the rules of the game, the customs and traditions. And this also applies more and more to activities on the Internet.

In the past few months, numerous foreigners (e.g. US influencers, Russian influencers, Syrian yoga teachers) have been expelled from Bali. And of course, never for no reason. Anyone who violates laws, corona rules or morals (i.e. in a certain form unwritten laws) must live with the consequences. While in other countries you have to expect jail or fines, you will be deported on Bali without further ado. And it’s probably only a matter of time before the next foreigner is deported from Bali …

Guaranteed without orgasm: Bali Yoga Video

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