Another Tesla Gigafactory in Asia: Negotiations on a new plant in Indonesia should progress. But nothing has been decided yet.

Will Tesla build a Gigafactory in Indonesia? The rumors surrounding the location in Indonesia are not particularly new, but have recently picked up steam again. Accordingly, Tesla is negotiating with the Indonesian government to build a factory for electric cars on Java, the economic center of the country. There are plans to build a factory with a capacity of around one million electric vehicles per year. In addition to the plant, other systems and the development of supply chains should also be involved. For example, the availability of important raw materials for the construction of electric cars would speak in favor of Indonesia as a location. Last year it became known that Tesla had signed multi-year, multi-billion dollar contracts with Indonesian companies in the nickel processing industry.

But at this point in time negotiations are still ongoing and nothing has been decided yet. Accordingly, the talks have progressed so far that the signing of a letter of intent for the construction of a Testla factory in Indonesia could be expected shortly. However, this would still not be a final deal for the construction of a gigafactory. Since the construction of a Tesla plant involves investments in the billions, it is also quite normal for the corresponding negotiations to take some time.

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