US influencers deported from Bali: Due to violations of the applicable corona requirements and visa regulations, two US women have to leave the island state.

Advertising during the corona pandemic for the great life in Bali doesn’t sound too bad at first glance. After all, the island of Bali is very dependent on international tourists. If you were to adhere to all applicable rules, regulations and laws, then it would certainly not be a problem. But the current case of the two American women shows that there is unfortunately another way. The so-called influencers were recently expelled from the country and deported to the United States.

Anyone who thinks of arbitrariness and an unfair action must first know all the facts and will probably also come to the conclusion that the deportation was more than justified. Because the two influencers have violated all sorts of regulations. To continue to advertise Bali as the ultimate paradise during the pandemic and to completely ignore reality, especially the current situation of the locals, was probably the least thing. The violation of visa regulations (yes, you need a visa to stay in Indonesia) and the violation of applicable corona requirements are much more serious. Here, too, the matter is actually clear and can be compared with the corresponding requirements and laws in Europe or the USA, although Bali and Indonesia seem so far away. Keywords here would be, for example, a mask requirement, lockdown or quarantine regulations. And to take the list a little further, the two influencers also deal with the topic of taxes and taxes not paid in Indonesia. The fact that the establishment of a company in Indonesia, also in Bali, is not so trivial for foreigners, is simply put here without comment.

Details: What is it exactly and who was deported where from Bali?

You can read the full story of the described deportation of two US influencers here in full length and with all the details (in German language):

Everyone should be aware that the reality in Bali since the corona pandemic and the absence of tourists has been very different.

Video: Corona crisis in Bali

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