Tesla Gigafactory: Negotiations for new plant in Indonesia

Another Tesla Gigafactory in Asia: Negotiations on a new plant in Indonesia should progress. But nothing has been decided yet. Will Tesla build a Gigafactory in Indonesia? The rumors surrounding the location in Indonesia are [...]

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Holidays in Indonesia: Entry via e-Visa-on-Arrival now possible

Holidays in Indonesia: Entry via e-Visa-on-Arrival is now possible, making it significantly easier for foreign tourists from 25 countries to enter via Bali and Jakarta airports. Since November 10, 2022, tourists from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark [...]

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Corona: Holidays in Bali without quarantine possible from March 7th, 2022

Indonesia relaxes corona rules earlier than planned: Holidays in Bali again possible without quarantine from March 7th, 2022 for holidaymakers with double corona vaccination. Good news for anyone planning a vacation to Bali. Because as [...]

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Indonesia imposes partial lockdown on Java and Bali

Indonesia has imposed a partial lockdown on Java and Bali. The reason is the rapid spread of the delta variant with daily new highs for new corona infections and deaths. The capital Jakarta has also [...]

International tourism in Bali possible again from July 2021?

Are you going to Bali again soon? The Indonesian government is apparently planning to open Bali and other islands to international tourism from July 2021. Due to the corona pandemic, Indonesia has not allowed international [...]

Orgasms through yoga: Canadian yoga teacher deported from Bali

A Canadian yoga teacher in Bali promised his clients "orgasms through yoga". Disrespectful, and that's why the Canadian had to leave the Indonesian island of Bali. Bali is by far the most popular holiday [...]

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Coronavirus: Bali begins mass vaccinations in three holiday regions

Coronavirus: Bali begins mass vaccinations in three holiday regions. In the next step, the areas designated as "green zones" should first be reopened to international tourism. Indonesia is preparing to revive tourism in the [...]

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US influencers deported from Bali

US influencers deported from Bali: Due to violations of the applicable corona requirements and visa regulations, two US women have to leave the island state. Advertising during the corona pandemic for the great life [...]

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Indonesia travel information: Travelindonesia.biz is online!

All about Indonesia: Travelindonesia.biz is online. The website about the popular holiday destination in Southeast Asia will in future provide a wide range of information about Indonesia. Although the corona pandemic has kept the world [...]

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